Pavilion Row: Daring to be Different!

Specialists in Wills and Probate

At a glance, we’re a specialist firm providing services in Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estate Administration (Probate). You’ll know many companies who provide similar services, with whom you might even pass referrals to. However, scratch the surface and you’ll see that we’re far more than your average private client firm. This isn’t us saying ‘’we’re so much better, everyone should be working with us’’… in fact, far from it. We aren’t for everyone and we remain comfortable in the fact that ‘everyone’ isn’t for us. You see, our values underpin who we are and ensure we’re able to consistently provide value to our introducers and their clients. We believe in delivering the best possible advice through highly trained and experienced staff giving a flexible, friendly and efficient service that is personalised to you.

But it doesn’t stop there. Here are 5 main reasons we’re happy to be different:


Looking for a long-term partnership?

Instead of looking at things from a numbers perspective and thinking about our next referral, we want to work with introducers who are interested in and can see the benefits of, building a long-term relationship. We want to get to know you and your client, to understand their needs as you do, to make them feel valued. In doing this we’re able to provide the client with first class service and also highlight any additional or future financial services opportunities, that can be passed back to you.


The tools to develop your client relationships and identify new opportunities.

We understand that talking about Wills or Estate Planning with your clients isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Our partnership means we’re genuinely interested in helping our introducers and their clients.  That’s why we offer full support and provide you with guided questionnaires and telephone support. Our questionnaires are carefully structured to help you nurture different conversations with your clients.


What is an ABS anyway, and why is this an advantage?

Pavilion Row is set up as an Alternative Business Structure. This means that whilst we are still regulated and protected in the same way a traditional law firm would be, we are able to modernise our client focussed approach in a way that traditional law firms perhaps can’t, ensuring your client receives dedicated, expert advice and support throughout. Is this really an advantage? – You bet! Not only do we specialise solely in Wills and Probate, but we’ve been able to develop our business for over 10 years to ensure a consistent client focussed approach. And we still have the same level passion, care and dedication as when we started! We’re a caring company with a professional but relaxed culture and every member of team is committed to their own training, development and growth.


Honest, Reliable, Advice.

In essence, this our essence. Our Brand Essence, that is. We have worked hard to develop our Brand, our culture and our values. You can rest assured that from first introduction to our 30th phone call, you and your client will know you’re getting honest, reliable advice, without false promises or hidden agendas. Our team are approachable, our processes are efficient, and our fees are totally transparent. Only by knowing the right questions to ask and understanding the importance of the answers can we be sure that we give the correct advice for what our clients need and want. For this reason, the company was founded on the basis that all our advisers are qualified to the highest level through the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).


A STEP in the Right Direction.

STEP is the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning otherwise known as ‘Wills and Probate’. STEP strive to improve public understanding of the issue’s families face in this area and promote and encourage education and impeccably high professional standards among their members. STEP qualification and training is something we are incredibly proud of. All of our advisors undergo STEP training and qualification and are wholly committed to their continued professional development in their respective areas. It takes a lot of time, energy and resources to remain consistently on top, but these are the standards we expect of ourselves, and the industry as a whole.


By demonstrating this commitment to the learning and development of our team, we became STEP employer partners which means that STEP have recognised and accredited our internal training; allowing us to operate to the highest standards. This means that you and your clients are guaranteed the very best advice and support throughout your journey – advice you rest assured is up-to-date and solely for the clients benefit.