Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) fails to act against those writing bad wills

The SRA is failing to take action against solicitors who produced sub-standard wills for their clients according to Elisabeth Davies, Chairman of the Legal Services Consumer Panel.

In a letter to the Legal Services Board she states “Our jointly commissioned research found that solicitors and unregulated will-writers were equally culpable for producing sub-standard wills. However, while we are heartened by trade association initiatives to correct problems, we are unaware of any action to date by the SRA.”

The pressure for regulation continues. Ms Davies also states in the letter “We are acutely conscious that consumers will continue to lack adequate protections until regulation is introduced so it is important that this happens speedily. I know that the LSB is aware of this and will work with colleagues at the Ministry of Justice to make progress as quickly as possible.”


Legal Services Consumer Panel