Pavilion Row is a niche private client law firm focussing on delivering great service to our clients, at a fair price and with qualified expert advice. We are a ONE FOUR NINE legal services partner.

We believe that all clients deserve the best possible advice, whatever their circumstances, therefore all our advisers undertake additional specialist study through STEP qualifications. Our service has been designed so that it is accountable to both you as the introducer and your clients. When a client is referred to us, we respect that they are also your client and, subject to their approval, you are kept in the loop at all times in regard to the status of the work and the advice given. We support clients across England and Wales via a flexible video or phone based service and offer daytime or evening calls.

Working with us

Wills and LPAs Service

We have many years experience in delivering a Will and LPA service to clients through our introducer network. Our Will questionnaire is designed to help you create intergenerational conversations naturally, prompting new financial services opportunities, and potential new introductions.


Complete the Will and/or LPA questionnaires with your client then simply send to us (either via email or our secure document upload) and we will engage with them directly to ensure the planning is done. You receive £70 for the completion of a Will Questionnaire and £70 for either one or both LPA questionnaires i.e. up to £140 in total. Alternatively, you can ask for this to be given as a discount to your clients.


Wills and LPAs are the foundation of good financial planning. Completing the questionnaire with your client provides an added value service, and ensures a good outcome for them. The consequences of not having the planning in place can be a nightmare. Don’t let that happen to your clients!


Other Services

Will Review Service – You can add value to your clients by offering to review their current planning using our FREE service.  Send us a copy of the Will and an outline of their circumstances and we will let you know if the Will is still relevant and if changes in legislation will affect the current planning.

Probate/Estate Administration – A fixed fee service priced solely on the work involved. No hourly rates or percentages of the estate. One of our STEP qualified probate practitioners will speak with the client at the outset and will be their main point of contact through to completion of the work. No call centres or sales consultants. Complete our probate questionnaire and we will provide a no obligation quote.

Trusts and other Planning – We provide advice on the suitability of Trusts, and create documentation such as Trust deeds, appointment of trustees etc, as well as offering Trust administration services. We can also help with other planning such as Deeds of Variation

Supporting you – as an introducer of work to us, we are always on hand to answer any queries or questions you or your clients may have. Please feel free to give us a call


We have a fixed menu of fees for our Will and LPA services. On the rare occasion that a client’s requirements do not fit within our standard menu then we will quote the client a fixed fee for the work that needs to be done before any commitment is required.


For all other services, we will provide a fixed fee calculated only on the amount of work that needs to be done. We do not charge hourly fees or any percentage element.


General Enquiries  – Angus Houston
Head of Legal – Will Morris
Client Services – Nicola Houston

Pavilion Row Limited is regulated by The Council for Licensed Conveyancers. It is  registered under number 3354, under provisions of the Legal Services Act 2007. The Managers of Pavilion Row are Angus Houston,  Nicola Houston and Lorna Jessop. Pavilion Row is registered in England and Wales. Company No. 7211297. Registered address, Renishaw Business Park, 40 Ravenshorn Way, Renishaw, Sheffield, S21 3WY