Pavilion Row Responds to LSB’s Call for Evidence

Earlier this year the Legal Services Board (LSB) published a report that recommended the regulation of will-writing services. The report also suggested the need to investigate the associated area of probate and estate administration work.

Recently they issued a call for evidence asking for feedback to help determine whether recommendations for regulatory protections should be made to the Lord Chancellor.

Pavilion Row fully support the need for regulation and have responded to the LSB’s call for evidence suggesting that it should include;

  • Improved information and knowledge for the consumer by provision of key fact documents that clearly explain the product or service that they are entering into
  • When a professional executor is appointed in a will it must be mandatory that the professional renounces his/her position if beneficiaries are in agreement
  • Fees quoted must be transparent allowing for easy comparison with other providers
  • For estate administration work the invoices must be sufficiently detailed so that the fees can be easily understood and queried if appropriate