The term probate is often used generally for dealing with somebody’s affairs when they die. Technically it is just the document issued authorising somebody to deal with the estate. This person is the executor on the Will or if there is no will an appointed administrator.

Everything else around it; paying bills, closing accounts, collecting in assets, paying tax, distributing funds to the beneficiaries etc is the estate administration.

Administering an estate is something that you can do yourself if you wish. However, it is very time consuming and many find it difficult to deal with the burden and emotional stress and therefore choose to use a professional.

When using a professional choose somebody who is a specialist i.e. a STEP member. Not only will this alleviate your burden but you will now have access to their experience and knowledge. This means work can be done quicker and more efficiently.

We offer a capped fee service priced solely on the work involved. No hourly rates or percentages of the estate. You will only ever deal with a STEP qualified person who will be your point of contact through to completion of the work.

Please click here for details regarding our fees and our service and call now if you want to discuss more.


Thank you for all your efforts and your excellent service. I’m now very glad that I chose your firm to handle the probate on my fathers Will, and will always be grateful for the scrupulous way in which you have managed my father’s affairs.