Wills and LPAs


A Will is about CHOICE. You choose what happens when you die, or if you don’t make a Will the law decides for you through the ‘Law of Intestacy’.

There are many ways to create a Will including free Wills and cheaper Online Wills services.

However, you don’t know what you don’t know! We believe when you create a Will you should take the opportunity to ask questions and gather advice from a professional who fully understands the complexities of Will writing.

It isn’t just the document itself but the specialist advice that guarantees you have a valid Will that accurately reflects your wishes giving you peace of mind that your loved ones won’t be left behind with unexpected surprises or unnecessary upset.

All our advisers are specialist in this field law and have undertaken additional study through STEP. See more about us. We know what questions to ask and the relevance and importance of the answers you give!

Lasting Powers of Attorney

LPAs are an insurance policy. You hope you don’t need an LPA, but if you do you will be very relieved that there is one in place.

What would happen if you were suddenly unable to deal with your own financial affairs or make decisions?

Who will be able to access your money to pay your bills, make insurance claims etc? Who would make health care decisions for you? Even a spouse or parent does not have the right to do this unless they are legally appointed as your attorney.

To appoint somebody as your attorney, you will need an LPA. There are two types of LPAs one for financial decisions and another for health and welfare. If you wish you can have different attorneys for the different LPAs.

Without an LPA, the Court of Protection will appoint somebody to be your ‘Deputy’. This can be expensive, take up to a year and the court may impose restriction on what you Deputy can and can’t do.

Call us if you would like any advice on Wills, LPAs or Court of Protection applications.

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