A Will is about CHOICE.

You choose what happens when you die, or if you don’t make a Will the law decides who benefits through the ‘Law of Intestacy’.

There are different options for creating a Will; Free Wills, DIY Wills, Online Wills , Solicitors, Accountants, Will Writers etc. However, you don’t know what you don’t know! That’s why we believe in good, specialist, qualified advice when creating a Will.

All our advisers are STEP qualified and are trained to help you understand your options and consider your priorities so that you have a Will that truly reflects what you want and need. They know what questions to ask and the relevance and importance of the answers you give!

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will-writing-logoAll our Will Advisers and Will Drafters are either full members of STEP or have completed the STEP Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation and are bound by the STEP Code of Conduct for Will Preparation

Thanks so much for making the conversation so easy and unemotional, its opened lots of discussions that we needed to have but hadn’t!!!